Owlfred, Whoover, and Teddy


Introduction: Owlfred, Whoover, and Teddy

I made these guys to auction off for a charity fund raiser. They are made from Lion Brand wool ease yarn. I made up the pattern inspired from other amigurumi I had seen online.



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    WOW. They are so very cute I would love to try making them, would you mind sending me the pattern. mrpye95@yahoo.co.uk

    Aw these are adorable! I would love to make one, but I doubt it will turn out good.

    so cute ! is it possiblel to get the pattern of those owles ? looking forward to hear from you :-) myriam@schuppert.net

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    I really kind of winged it on these and never wrote down the pattern. I have seen something very similar though on Lion Brand yarn website.

    I LOVE these little guys! I would also like the pattern, if you've got around to writing one down :-) And where did you find the eyes? I've been having trouble finding the 'stripy' kind like those. katbrice@comcast.net

    These are beautiful - I love the colors. I'd love to have the patterns, also: joymaxh@aol.com.

    Hi! I actually never wrote the pattern down. I need to make some for an upcoming auction. I will try to write the pattern down and send it to you. Thanks! I am so glad you like!

    Thanks so much! No I don't sell anything, I am always too busy with work to make enough to sell. I just make for me or give to friends.

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    could I have a pattern to them? if so, please send it to sluvshorses@sbcglobal.net. Thanks

    do you have the pattern available for purchase? i just started amigurumi and have quickly become obsessed, especially with owls. amigurumi really suits owls!

    O_O my eyes they o wait i dont have eyes....

    I love these. I love all amigurumi. Are you on Etsy?

    Those are so cute! Fabulous color choices, and such creative names!

    I love home made toys. The colours you have used are great.