Oxidize Silver With Eggs

Introduction: Oxidize Silver With Eggs

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You can use the sulfur in eggs to darken silver
  • Supplies: Egg, silver pieces, zip lock bag (or tupperwear)
  • Hard boil an egg (about 15 minutes).  You must complete the rest of the steps directly after the egg is boiled.
  • Cut the egg in half, remove the yolk and place the yolk in a ziplock bag.
  • Break the egg yolk up in the bag.
  • Wash silver pieces, lightly wrap them in a piece of paper towel and place them in the bag.
  • You could also place the silver directly into the egg.  This will make the reaction happen faster but the color may end up uneven.
  • Place the bag aside for 24 hours and then check to see if the silver is dark enough.  If it is not, leave it for another day or 2.
  • When the silver is the desired color, remove it from the bag, rinse with soap and water and buff.

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