P Funnel: How Women Can Pee on Market Street





Introduction: P Funnel: How Women Can Pee on Market Street

Using the P Funnel women can stand up and pee. In some places like at a public urinal on the street, or by the side of the road it's more discreet to pee standing up. This DIY disposable funnel takes just minutes to make.


Paper - I bought a "non-bleed" paper for pens. It's 108 Lb. paper and stands up fine to one urination.

Masking tape




Step 1: Make Your Template and Cut Out the Funnel

Make a template to trace and keep it for making future P Funnels.

I can fit two P Funnels on a 9x12 paper.

Step 2: Fold Up the Funnel

Fold the paper in half then fold the tabs down to make a strong connection.

Step 3: Tape Joints

Tape the joints and fold the tape over the edges to make a water tight seal.

Step 4: Ready to Use

Open the P Funnel so it forms a cup. When using be sure to position so the tip is pointing down.

Pplanter 3.0 is on Market Street and 6th till 11pm tonight in case you need to go.

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    20 Discussions

    As an instructable, this falls short without a downloadable template.
    That being said, it's a good concept.

    1 reply

    Thanks for the suggestion! I made this instructable while standing on Market Street... my first smart phone instructable. I didn't have access to a scanner at the time, but I will make some templates and add them here soon.

    Hi, Great idea! Will make these for my wife, she does not like sitting on public restroom seats, and does what I call the Hoover maneuver. Braces her self and squats without touching the seat. Hopefully this will work better.

    I like that this is a one use item that can easily fit in a purse. It's good for an emergency. Clever solution!

    Great idea, except I'd have to wear skirts! (Never liked skirts, personally.) :D Very nice tutorial for a common problem women need a solution to.


    3 years ago

    Great idea!

    um wait.... what? never have I seen these public potty places. I can tell you tho that if one ever did come to my area it would have the Leo's lining up to wright out indecent exposure citations.

    I noticed the pop up urinals in Amsterdam were not exactly female friendly either

    1 reply

    I've used 'em in the Netherlands too, they ain't necessarily guy friendly either, but the open trough design is no longer code in many states in the U.S., each urinal must be free- standing, one person only, a divider wall between multiples, and must plumb into the wall with no floor level drains allowed. This arrangement may better meet the needs of the adventurous female, but hopefully she would be accompanied by another person. I read somewhere that women have a higher incidence of bladder issues simply because of the lack of facilities or shyness, thus they tend to "hold" longer than is healthy, this is why I make sure my wife has ample opportunity for relief.

    To a woman's security options should be important. I've been in many cities m/f share. Be careful


    Whats your hone country? In Germany I never see it...

    ll uselessness

    This is so weird and embarrassing, and I'm not talking about the 'P Funnel'. All this situation makes me feel uncomfortable.

    Much better then the reusable ones, these definitely work better as a compact throwaway

    or you could buy a chunk of plastic called the urinal for girls.....

    Good idea actually. More than once I've stood guard outside an available "men" porta potty while the "women" were all taken and had lines 6 deep- this always endears me to the wife.