Introduction: P-Trike

The P-Trike is designed for sport,fitness and fun, motion is driven by pushing and pulling the handelbares in a standing or sitting position , or with a thrust kick to the rear of the trike. Once in motion, acceleration is gain by changing gears. Corners very well with the built in universal joint frame. Braking is applied to front and rear wheels using the brake handel or foot brake. I made this prototype myself using old bike parts.


/VAu 1-168.712



( push pull kick trike )

Tecnical information for Prototype PKT:

Height : 80-130 cm

Length: 60-100 cm

Rear wheel width : 70-80 cm

front base width: 18cm

Weight: 7 -15 kg

Weight capacity: 200 - 300kg

Material: metal & plastic ,rubber

Parts : 65741. handelbar holder 657420. primary spring

65742. brake & gear cabel 657421. brake handel

65743. push fork 657422. handelbar

65744. brake 657423. screw cap

65745. drive rod 657424. front wheel shaft

65746. secoundary spring 657425. chain cover

65747. front wheel

65748. wheel sprocket

65749. steering fork

657410. universal joint

657411. rear frame

657412. riding plate

657413. rear wheel

657414. rear wheel fender

657415. drive chain

657416. front wheel fender

657417. chain guide

657418. main frame

657419. main drive sprocket

Copyright Notice: © 2012 Lawrence Black. All Rights Reserved.



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    Very nice. Looking forward to seeing how you made this.