Introduction: PAELLA SPAIN

First I want to apologize for the translation into English, and I use google translator from Spanish to English


You must use a skillet (paella) and which he sees, wide and narrow high.

If you are going to cook a paella for more than 4 people, is convenient to prepare the ingredients of the day before, for example; chicken and costilleja can be cut into pieces the day before, and keep in the fridge. Clean and put the mussels in a pot with a little water and when open remove and store them in the fridge. Put the mussels or clams with a little water in a pot and when opening store in refrigerator.

Also yesterday we must make a smoked
(fish broth), you can buy a head rape or other fish, and in a large pot boiled fish, a tomato, an onion, two carrots and season with salt. When you are done broth, strain and store until the next day

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Step 1:

(amounts (roughly) depends on the size of the pan and the number of guests) * Chicken * costilleja * Pea * green beans * Tomatoes * Two laurel leaves * peas * A cayenne pepper * Envelopes spice "Carmelita) for paellas * Garlic and parsley * A bar of avecren (beef bouillon cube) * Head of rape or smoke fish, a tomato, an onion and two carrots * mussels * Mussels or clams

Step 2:

take a good splash of olive oil and wait until it is hot

Step 3:

Toss the prawns and fry a little

Step 4:

When there are some chips that remove them and set aside

Step 5:

Now we have to fry a little paws cancrejo

Step 6:

Take them out and reserve

Step 7:

Pour a little oil and add the meat

Step 8:

Season it with a little salt

Step 9:

take two bay leaves

Step 10:

Add the squid and continue frying

Step 11:

incorporate green beans and peas

Step 12:

add the grated tomato

Step 13:

At this point, when the meat is well fried and
the other ingredients are cooked, can do two things:

If we eat in less than 30 minutes as we follow the recipe.

If you have to be later then turn off the heat and cover with dishcloths the pan, until 30 minutes before eating, to throw rice

Step 14:

When missing 30 minutes of the hour planned to eat, uncover, turn the stove to warm it up a bit

Step 15:

When a little hot, we'll take the rice, keep in mind that the amount is as follows: If normal rice, a cup of rice for two of water per person. If pump rice (recommended) is a cup of rice for three cups of water per person.

Always take some more to ration on, us were 12 and threw for 15

Step 16:

Mix everything and we will proceed to take the smoke. (fish broth). VERY IMPORTANT ... the fish broth MUST BE HOT, so it will warm the pot smoke, never take the cold smoke.

Step 17:

Remember the amount of water to be put in relative to the number of guests and type of rice

Step 18:

lay the mussels or clams

Step 19:

Now put the stove on medium heat

Step 20:

pour the crushed parsley, garlic, a tablet avecren, all diluted in a little smoked

Step 21:

we take a cayenne pepper into small pieces.

Step 22:

We cancrejo legs.

Step 23:


Step 24:


Step 25:

place the red pepper and broth his boat

Step 26:

now we have to wait until almost all the water evaporates, NOOOO MOVE VERY IMPORTANT RICE, all you have to do is lift the pan and turn with a flick occasionally

Step 27:

Right now comes the lady of the house and indicates it is ready made paella ...... fijaros that there is almost broth .... now just turn off the stove and cover the pan with dishcloths few minutes to make ends .... and eat ....
I leave the video is in Spanish, but pictures are worth a thousand words ...

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