PAPER CAR: a Childhood Toy, Easy and Cheap



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Saturday is here.

It's family time and/or liberte time, right? Haha.

Now, I'll give you a tips how to make a car, OOPS! PAPER car. This paper car is one of my childhood toys. I was happy (and still happy) to play it. The important things that you need are paper and breath.

Okay, okay, here's how.

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Step 1: YOU NEED


Deep breath (It is not a joke)

Step 2: ​ Tear the Paper!

The first step to make your own paper car is tearing your paper into two.

So, from a paper you'll get two car.

Step 3: Folding Time!

Fold the paper like this and do this to the other side

Step 4: Press It!

I believe you can do it.

Step 5: Don't Stop Folding!

It makes your car have a strength look. (Remembering me to Harajuku hairstyle)

Step 6: Again, Again, Again...

Repeat the step 3 & 4 to the other side of the car.


3: Fold your paper

4: Press your paper

Step 7: Hide It!

Hide the second head to the under of the #1 head of your car

Step 8: Voila!


You've done your homework.

Its time to blow it! fhuuuuh....

Let's make a race with our lovely one(s). This paper car is very simple. But, I believe when you make it and play it, it makes you creative and happy, without spending a lot of money. This work is good for parents. Parents don't need to spending a lot of time and money to buy a new car *paper car* at the mall.

Step 9: Finish

I wish you will make it better than me.
Thanks for look my works. Sorry for my bad English.

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