Hi everybody!

Below I will show you how I did my first Instructable. It is a paper-made model of an Striling engine. In case someone wants to build it, on paper or other material, here I explain the whole process, and I leave a manual that explains how to make each of the pieces.

PD: all the measurements are in millimeters

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Step 1: Pieces

First of all, we started making the parts detailed in the manual

Step 2: Joining the Pieces

We will start with the wheel, using the following parts. Joing the pieces with superglue.

Step 3: First Connecting Rod

Join them with superglue

Step 4: Crank

Join this pieces with the previous rod, only use de superglue at the ends of the small rod

Step 5: Rod Cut

Cut the # 10 rod as needed, approximately as in the image

Step 6: Wheel Axle

Join the wheel with the long rod of the previous piece

Step 7: End of the Axis

Join the last #2 piece with the #10 small rod, don't use superglue

Step 8: Adding More Pieces

Add one of the #2 pieces to the previous element (don't use superglue), now add the crank, use superglue to join this with the end of the rod.

Step 9: Finishing the Axis

Join one of the ends of the small rod with the crank, use superglue

Step 10: Add a Base

With this part finished you can set all this to a base

Step 11: Cilinder

In piece # 9 we must make a 6mm hole at a distance of 15mm, here we will stick piece # 15

Then we will cover one end of the cylinder with piece # 5

Step 12: Piston

Step 13: Piston Articulation

Join this piece to the rod, use the last #16 piece

Step 14: Cilinder & Piston

Now we will join the piston with in cylinder and the crank
First, through the piston shaft we will insert piece # 7, this will serve to cover the other end of the cylinder. Once this is done we can join the piston shaft to the crank articulation.

Step 15: Ending...

Now we unite the pieces # 13 as pillars to the cylinder.

Now we can join the cylinder to the base, calculating the right distance for the piston to make its full travel

Step 16: Mechanism

Here is a GIF. showing the piston travel and the movement of the wheel


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    12 Discussions


    7 months ago

    That is really clever. And all with paper! Just wow.


    7 months ago on Introduction

    Hi, this is a great and visually impressive project - the only drawback is you can't make it run by itself.
    In case you want to see a fully functional Stirling engine running on a cup of coffee and also made from cardboard (well, to a large part, there also is some aluminium), I found one here:


    7 months ago

    Sorry but I Don't think it's working !!!
    And the vidéo is a very bad stopmotion, to make us think that it's working :-(
    Very very bad

    3 replies

    Reply 7 months ago

    I think you're confused - this a paper model which shows the mechanical motion of a Stirling engine. That's it. This is exactly what it claims to be! : )


    Reply 7 months ago

    A stirling engine needs a warm source ! where is it ?? We can see some movements of the camera what it makes me think it's a stopmotion ! Sorry but I'm almost sure this paper model doesn't work !!!


    Reply 7 months ago

    JouliaJ: I truly hope you don't understand what the OP or seamster are saying and you are not just being a troll. So, this Instructable is a model. While it has moveable parts it is just a representation of how a sterling engine functions. It is not, nor is it intended to be, an actual "working" model. It might be a great visual teaching aid in place where burning is not allowed. I think it's a great little model that does exactly what is intended. The stop-motion gif is just another visual aid.


    Question 7 months ago on Step 16

    This is to make what? to roll paper into tubes? If it is not, could you make a paper rolling machine? one that is able to make long paper tubes as well as different paper sized beads? All the same: out of paper. You are a genius, I'll tell you that.


    8 months ago

    Nice. Something about the gif is really satisfying.

    2 replies
    Penolopy Bulnick

    8 months ago

    I'm really impressed that's made of paper! Did you use thin, regular printer paper, or something thicker like cardstock?

    1 reply