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This photo frame is made by papers and cardboards....
Flower was also made by papers..

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Step 1: Measuring and Marking

Measure the four sides of photo and according to that Mark....

Step 2: Cutting

According to that marking make cut by using scissors... This was four sides of the frame....

Step 3: Paper Rolling

Role the papers in that cuted cardboards... Do to this looking like paper work....

Step 4: Fixing

Fix that paper rolled cardboards on photo base in the pic by using Glu

Step 5: Do Decorative Items

Make sure four sides of the frames were decorative...... For that peel the cardboard and do that same..

Step 6: Fix Decorative Items

Fix that decorative items four sides on fixed paper rolled cardboards on base looking on pic . ....

Step 7: Colouring

In last colour that four sides of the frames to urs creativity..I made that by tea powder colour..

Step 8: Finish

Finally we made that paper photo frame of a Swami VIVEKANANDA ..

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