Introduction: PAR -V3

About: Im am artist, i make the best guns ever when im bored just check them. There insanely good!!!

This is the PAR-3, This version has extra stability when you shoot it(the bullets have a strighter path),
  is very sturdy, the mag never jams, it has on optional handle at the front and it has smart lock.(if you dont know what that is refer to my TSR slide show)
Rate of fire:3
ammo capacity:4



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    Ive had an epic plan, since i dont have any knex to make guns, i could post designs and mechanisms so you guys could make them youself, how dose that sound?

    Its a shame because i just came up with a full proof mechanism for a fully automatic knex gun with a range of over 60ft, with quick loading. If you want to know how to do it ask me and ill give you instructions.