PBJ Macaroons

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Make these tiny tasty treats in a couple minutes.

     Peanut butter
     Jam/fresh fruit
     Butter knife
     shot glass

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

PB - check
Rasberries - check
Bread - check
shotglass - check

cool, start spreading the PB.

Step 2: Pile'r Up

Throw whatever you want in the mix
Jam out.

Step 3: Start Cutting.

Break the shot glass out from last night and start cutting.

Try to use a cone shaped shot glass.
the pbj macaroons fall out easier.
(search mold draft angle.)

Step 4: Don't Waste

When you're done with cutting out those shapes.
serve the macaroons and eat the offcuts.

Step 5: Ready to Devour

Easy peasy.



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