PC Speakers Into Bluetooth Speakers




Introduction: PC Speakers Into Bluetooth Speakers

Easy and cheap way to turn your nice or old PC speakers into Bluetooth Speakers.

No soldering or modifications needed.

Items needed:
*$6 ebay. Bluetooth adapter with line out (this one is a bluetooth earset with charging base that happens to have a AUX connector for car radio)
*$2 or less on ebay. Stereo connector/adapter (female-female 3.5mm)
*PC speakers (amplified -powered speakers). Already owned or name-your-price.

Step 1: Get Items Ready

*Charge your bluetooth adapter.

*Plug your speakers to the wall.

*Pair the bluetooth adapter to your phone. This model will say Connected to phone and Media Audio.

Step 2: Connect!

Now you can connect the 3.5mm cable from the bluetooth adapter charging base to the female-female adapter on one end.

Then you connect the 3.5mm cable from the Speakers.

Now all you have to do is turn ON the speakers and use your phone's Music player to send the music wirelessly to the speakers.

Step 3: Done!

Not the most advanced Instructable, but it works.

I haven't tested for quality on longer range, but it plays good as bluetooth is supposed to do, short range.

My phone is a Samsung Note 3 if it matters. Haven't test on Apple.

My phone has an Aluminum back case and ear piece would lose signal if covered by my hand with my phone by my knee. I guess Aluminum blocks some of the signal and that distance would be around 5 feet.

I guess it will work with any bluetooth-able device (tablet, phone, laptop, PC).

Step 4: But Why?

Ok, I was asked by my brother to find some good sounding PC speakers.

Happened to go to JBL webpage, and there it was: Jembe PC speakers for under $18 +tax, free shipping. SALE price. Regular price is $60

Bought a couple of those sets.

Then noticed the Jembe Bluetooth were almost $100 +tax.

Then I was wondering if doing this, would work as bluetooth speakers.

And it does.

Thanks for taking your time to read.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Excellent! Converted the Sweex USB speakers I have from http://www.144hzmonitors.com/best-pc-speakers-2016/

    and now I have Bluetooth Speakers! Yees!


    4 years ago

    By the way, you can use this bluetooth adapter in your car (as it was intended). So you can listen your device's music thru your car stereo.