PC-TV Hidden Computer in a Drawer for Your Television




I got fed up with streaming video from my computer in the other room and didnt want to place a PC in the living room - just doesn't look nice .
So .. I decided to take pieces from some old computers and build them in a drawer under my new LCD TV
Disclaimer - be aware of the heat generated from the computer and make sure the environment is fire-prof (all surrounding material) - I have no liability if your house burns down .
We have temperatures reaching 38C in the summer and I keep the drawer slightingly open (with a plastic box preventing full close) to enable improved ventilation .

Step 1: Ventilation

Because it gets up to 40C here in the summer - ventilation is very important .
After removing two drawers to get access to the back of the drawers - I made three circular holes and placed a fan on the center one (with a filter) - Air will come in through there and out through the other two (hopefully after taking the heat from the computer).
The other two are also used to get power and audio in / out .

Step 2: A Few More Holes

Now I need to make holed in the back of the drawer for power and all interface to get in the computer .
I made them with drills and a jig saw.
I made two very small holes in the front (1mm each) and wide in the back (4mm) to fit two leds in (Power and HD).
This way - only when computer is on - and you look directly from the front - you will see the LEDs.

Step 3: A Hole for the CD ROM

I also wanted the cd rom to com out but not from the front .
I didn't want any part to be visible from the front .
The CD ROM (DVD) comes out from the side - only when the drawer is out .
But who really used DVD drives any more ?
I just use a 2TB HD with all the movies...

Step 4: Another Fan for the Video Card

I then noticed the I had to add a video card to get full HD (can't use the on-board).
So I added an additional fan that helps cool the video card to a good steady level .
Here I used a glue gun.

Step 5: Placing the Components

I connected the metal legs of the motherboard with poxy to the base of the drawer (after they are fastened to the motherboard - so they are placed in the correct position) .
The rest of the components where placed snugly in using some rubber foam i cut to the correct size.

Step 6: USB Ports and WiFi

I added 4 USB ports and hot glued them .
I also placed an N Wifi USB into one of them and now it all fits snugly inside..
I used a wireless keyboard and mouse .

Step 7: All Done

That's it - all done . you cant see a thing .. except a cool large 32'' LCD which is actually a computer monitor.
Hope you like it .
Would love to see you version of a "PC in a drawer" .
Thanks for watching.

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3 years ago on Introduction

very nice ,

Great idea and great execution....love it.



4 years ago

great one,a big idea


6 years ago on Introduction

I am using one old laptop (HP-6910) which is screen broken already and connect using by VGA cable to TV. for mouse and keyboard i will user my Android phone/PAD! using free Unified PC Remote from Google play store.


6 years ago on Introduction

It would be in your best interest to go about managing all of the wires and cables in there, cable management is one of main reasons for overheating.

lil tinkerer

6 years ago on Introduction

Awesome!!!! Have to do this with my old pc, been looking for a cool use for a while!! Thanks, My comps already got a hdmi port so can't wait to use my massive 52 inch lcd tv!!

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


7 years ago on Introduction

Very nice build, could have been a little cleaner on the cutouts but you don't see them for the most part anyways.


7 years ago on Introduction

Just wondering if fan noise is a problem. I know some pc fans are pretty loud. Is it constantly on or thermistor controlled?

1 reply

Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for mentioning it .. very important.
I provided 5v to 12v fans and got them running very slow (but enough to cool) - this way they are barely heard.


7 years ago on Introduction

Great idea! Good job!

When my daughter's power supply went out, for a quick fix I went with a freebie upgrade from a friend...mounted to the outside casing! lol Ugly I know, but ultra functional. She likes this idea too!