PC Case Out of Old Books

Introduction: PC Case Out of Old Books

recently i found myself in possession of a computer, but did not have a pc case for it and because i was very low on the budget side and lacking the tools for crafting a wooden one i looked around the house and found a bunch of old hard cover books. so this instructable although is not that detailed, it can give you an idea about how to build a retro-artsy looking pc case out of old books.

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Step 1: What You Need and What You Have

PC components:
- i had a core2duo e6700, 4 gigs of ram, 2 old hdds, a mini atx motherboard and a power source (basically a computer)
- 2 buttons and two leds
- 1 quiet cpu cooler and 1 quiet fan for the power source (i bought the cheapest from arctic cooling)
Case frame: for the internal case frame i used some wood stripes i found in the basement but you probably could  do better building an aluminium based frame.
Case cover: 3 old hard cover books, and one piece of plywood for the base of the case

Tip: always take in consideration when you measure your case that all the cords and cables take up some space, you should also check if some other components can be mounted after the case is finished. (ex: pci-e videocards or other pci cards)

Step 2: Case Frame

you can build your frame in what configuration suits your needs but make sure it's stable enough  to be moved around and also gives you easy access to the removable or replaceable  components.

Step 3: Screw Everything Together

After the frame is complete the only thing left to do is to screw everything together. in my case i just screwed the book cases to the wooden frame. i also tied the top lids to one another so i can untie them when i need to access something inside.
don't forget to drill a hole for the air vent so your cpu wont overheat.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very fine idea, can be improved for aesthetic reasons. I really like it.