PC Desk Improvement

Introduction: PC Desk Improvement

I used to use a desktop PC but recently replaced it with a laptop.  Since I never take it anywhere or don't need to move it, I decided to hide it away to leave more space on my desk with the advantage of having a bigger screen (it's a 13.3" notebook).   

I already had a monitor and external DVD drive therefore it would be practical and cost effective to do.  I noted that everything fitted nicely in the cupboard but also noted that the dvd drive wouldn't open fully, that's where the external drive came into use.  With the cupboard door closed I also noticed some heat build up so I removed the shelf and cut two holes for some medium sized case fans.  I also used double-sided tape to mount the external DVD and hard-drive out of the way.  

I bought a cheap usb hub in order to run the extensions to my desk.  I had to extend the 5.1 speaker system cables which was easy enough.  It looks a bit messy for now but I'll neaten it up a bit more.   

Before you purchase monitors and keyboards etc. make sure your laptop has an external monitor port. 

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    nice this would be good for me my dsk is crowed bewtwen my fat cat geting up here and my hardwhere this would be nice thing to do for my poor desk