PCB Board Holder

Introduction: PCB Board Holder

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we all try to get some hold of our board and buy a holder for it ....

But u can make ur own holder just with little reusable plastics and some spare little screws...

So lets have a look how to make it....

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Step 1: Equipments Needed

1. metal stand

2. soldering iron

3. screw set

4.some pen cases

5. some screws

6. crocodile pins

these will make ur work cool and good.

Step 2: Step 02

make some holes into the pen cases using the soldering iron

and u can also set the nut into the case by smelting the case with the iron and place the nut in

Step 3: Step 3

it would make the screw to stuck in and to get a good hold.

the case will make the arms for the holder.

Step 4: Step 04

make the crocodile pin similarly fit inside the case and the use the insulator part of plastic to cover it in whole

and this will provide the GRIP to the arms.

Step 5: Step 05

make the main holder arm as done for the arms using the soldering iron and the screw and bolts and

you can make the holder perfectly fit to the stand using the holder arm

Step 6: Step 06

now find the correct place for holding the main arm and then accordingly make the other parts to hold on

and finally make hold of the board u desire.

thank you...

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