DIY PCB Drill Press Machine

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As I said in my previous INSTRUCTABLES that I have been working on a new instructable, So in this project I will show you how to make a handy Drill Press Machine & I will also demonstrate how easy it can be to build a DIY Drill Press Machine. So Let's get started!

Step 1: The Backstory & Plan

I had been thinking of building a Drill press which was quite large in size. I designed it with the railings of drawer and fixing a dill machine on it which could be simple to build, but not that handy one which wouldn't be great for precision works. Then I thought it would be better making a handy one which could be easy to use, to build, carry and can easily fit in my LAB, but the plan was same as the bulky drill press machine. Then I came up with a simple great design which any one can build easily at home by spending little money. There I made some changes in the plan, I replaced railings of drawer by CD or DVD drives and drill machine was replaced to motor with Chuck and its drill bits which you could get from Amazon and with a variable motor speed controller for your Machine where you could control the speed of the motor you can check my previous instructable for that.

Step 2: Get the Materials!

  • Plywood
  • Motor
  • Drill Chuck & drill bits
  • dvd or CD drive railings
  • Motor speed controller
  • Switch
  • C-Clamp
  • Screws
  • Paints and it's accessories
  • Some small springs

Step 3: Instructions!

Here are some tips which will help you to build a drill press machine for less cost efficiently at home.


Select a plywood and mark given measurement on it.

  • Base plywood is 8.5'' x 6'' [Thickness - 3/4″] x 1
  • 7.5'' x 4.7'' [Thickness - 3/4″] x 1
  • 4.1'' x 3'' [Thickness - 1/4"] x 3
  • A small plywood piece


I bought a 12v motor with drill accessories for that specified motor which I got them from Amazon which was not that good than I thought. But I got to know about this another drill motor with accessories for lesser price than that so I recommend this one on Amazon check this link.

3. DVD / CD railings

You can get old DVD or CD drives from scrap. Open that you will find the railings inside the box


By this you can control the speed of the motor as you want, well you can check my instructable for Motor speed controller circuit.


I made the clamp in ohm shape. You can get it from a hardware store.


I used a black synthetic paints to get a great look.


You can get it from a click ball point pen

Step 4: Making of the Machine!

If you got the same parts like me then you can follow the same dimension of plywood for the designing of the machine

Construct the machine by the help of design according to the pictures. Drill the necessary holes for joining the different plywood pieces fix them with the screws. Remove the laser and other unnecessary parts, make sure to open the railings to add the springs so that after when you press the machine, while drilling holes it automatically come upwards. Drill the holes for mounting the railing then fix it with screws. Cut a wooden piece, then attach that with the railing mechanism. Then fixing motor with clamp to it, and make sure the drill bit and the base are perpendicular check this a try square.

Paint the machine body for giving a great look for our DIY DRILL PRESS MACHINE.

Step 5: Installing the Electronics

Install the DIY motor speed controller module, solder the wires, motor & switches etc. and some wires for powering the circuit.

Step 6: Powering the Circuit!

Finally test it by Powering THE DIY DRILL PRESS MACHINE with a 12v DC source

Before that check for short circuit and wiring and polarity for VCC & ground

Step 7: Success

You created your own DIY DRILL PRESS MACHINE which is handy

That's great!!



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    3 Discussions


    Question 12 days ago

    How did you attach the head to the the cd/dvd mechanism? I ask because I started making a similar machine years ago but didn't finish it. This was one of the problems I encountered.

    2 answers
    Wonder Techthrobscottle

    Answer 5 days ago

    Are you asking about wooden block which is attached to the railing mechanism