PCB UV Exposure by Recycling an Old Scanner





this is how I made my PCB UV exposure by recycling an old scanner.

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Step 1: Bill of Material

  • 4x neons UVA PHILIPS TL/8W
  • 8x G5 connectors
  • 1x electronic ballast OSRAM QTP-T/E 2x18
  • 2m of rigid cable suitable for neons
  • 1x switch ON-OFF
  • 1x power cable
  • 5mm plywood board if the inside of the scanner is not flat
  • Some screws

Time to build is around 3 hours

Budget is around 30€ because of a lot of reused parts as plywood, screws, switch, cables ...

Step 2: Empty the Scanner

Open and remove all the electronics from the inside of the scanner.

Obviously they could be used for further projects ...

Step 3: Fix the Neons and the Ballast

Because the bottom of my scanner is not flat I have to add a plywood board to be able to fixe the neons.

Step 4: Add Some Reflection

Cover the plywood board with aluminium foil to maximize the reflection

Step 5: Wiring

  1. Wire the neons by following the datasheet ORSAM QTP-T/E 2x18
    NOTE: 2 neons are serial linked
  2. Fix the power ON/OFF switch
  3. Solder the wires to the switch
  4. Plug the power cable to the ballast

Step 6: Take Care of Your Eyes

After checking that all works by switching ON the scanner can be closed.

UVA rays are dangerous for eyes so never switch on the lights if the cover is not closed.

This can bring about some improuvements:

  • Add a switch to automatically cut the light when the cover is open.
  • Add a timer.

Have fun!



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That's a great idea. I need to looks for scanners the next time that I am at the thrift store.