PCI Slot Cover, Door Hooks.

This is an instructable for turning PCI Slot covers into door hooks for hanging jackets, clothes, bags so whatever you wish to hang from your door.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

PCI Slot covers and a Vice.

Step 2: First Bend.

Place the PCI cover into the vice bottom tip down and a 1/2" deep.

The original bend that comes with the PCI card cover should be pointed away from you.

Pull and bend the who PCI cover towards you. Now you should have bends pointing in different directions.

Step 3: Second Bend

Keeping that upper bend facing away from you, put the PCI cover back into the vice, this time it should be about 1" deep from the original bend, then bend it again towards you.

Step 4: Final Bend.

Now go to the door you plan on installing this door hanger on.

Taking the top of the PCI cover place it flat on the top of your door with the 90 degree bend facing down.

Shut your door, make sure its not obstructing your door.

Once your door is shut, grab the protruding part of the PCI cover and bend it down.

Step 5: Hang Stuff.

Now you have your PCI slot door hooks. These things are pretty strong because of the acute angle of the bend these hooks can hold a bag of moderate weight. Sweaters and jackets are no problem.



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    Mr. Rig It

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Finally something to do with those darn left over PCI slot covers! Good idea!