PDA Smartwatch

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Intro: PDA Smartwatch

PDAs deserve to be used in 2015, even if you put your PDA in the cupboard in 2008. Get it out and walk down the street with a stylish PDA smartwatch.

You will need:

Clear tape

Inkjet labels (optional)

Circular cheese biscuit cardboard packaging


Let’s get started!

Step 1: Measure the PDA

Measure the PDA lengthwise and draw a line down to where it stops also mark it along the width. Measure and mark another line where the screen starts and stops. Then cut the cardboard across (where the line stops) and cut out the screen area.

Step 2: Assemble the Holder

Place the PDA screen down on the cardboard and fold the two flaps over. Tape the two flaps together with clear tape.

Step 3: Add the Handle

Cut two long strips of the remaining cardboard and tape them together. Then cut a slit in the wider piece of cardboard. Finally tape the handle to the holder.

Step 4: Cover the Tape (optional)

Take an inkjet label and stick it vertically over the tape. This will hide the tape and protect it.

Step 5: Decorate It

Use a pen or anything you want to decorate the front. You could spray paint it or cover it with feathers (It’s fashion, okay!).

Step 6: Test It

To strap the smartwatch to your wrist lay the smartwatch on a table with the strap facing up. Next place your hand (palm up) on it and with the other hand pull one side of the strap through the other side. Then tuck it under.

Step 7: Done

You can now walk down the street with your stylish PDA smartwatch.



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