PDT (Power Distribution Table)

Why did I build this?

Well, problem is that I'm always running out of outlets. This is why I made this "Ikea-Table"-PowerHack.
The multiplug is hidden under an MDF-board which is glued to the table. The cable exits the table on the bottom and runs down along one of the table legs.

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Step 1: How Do You Need to Do?

So first of all, you need to buy a Couch-Table from Ikea (or at least it has to be a table which is pretty much hollow)

As soon as you have a table like that, you need to cut a hole into the table where the multiplug does fit in but does not move around.

If you have done that, you need to get the multiplug ready and make sure that it is somehow attached to the table.
(I just used two metric screws to attach the multiplug to the inside of the table)

After that you should cover up the multiplug from above. First of all to kind of hide it and second of all to give it more stability.

That is basically it :)
So with just a few steps you are able to customize a boring table from Ikea.

Have fun building.



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