Here are your basic ingredients when making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

There are three different ingredients and two tools used when creating a sandwich.

1. Jelly! This can be any kind of jelly or jam that you like. There are wide varieties of jelly and jam from strawberry, raspberry, lemon, honey, mixed berry, and many many more.

2. Peanut butter! There are two types of peanut butter and those would be smooth peanut butter (no nuts) and crunchy peanut butter (nuts) Here is where you can change peanut butter for almond butter or sunflower butter (many varieties)

3. Bread! This is the main part that will hold the jelly and peanut butter together. Above I've used a allergy free bread made from brown rice.

The two tools that would be used:

1. Knife! This is used to scoop out and spread the jelly and peanut butter onto the bread

2. Paper towel! This is used to place your bread on and to catch any crumbs or mess that is made when making the sandwich.

Mandarin Chinese

Here 是您的基本成分在花生酱和果冻三明治!

1。 蜂王浆! 这可以是任何类型的果冻或卡纸, 你喜欢的。 有各种各样的果冻和卡纸从草莓、覆盆子、柠檬、蜂蜜、混合浆果, 和很多很多。

2。 花生酱! 有两种类型的花生酱和那些将是滑腻的花生酱(没有螺母)和酥脆的花生酱(螺母)这里是您可以在其中更改花生酱, 杏仁黄油或奶油葵花子(很多品种)

3。 面包! 这是最主要的部分, 将蜂王浆和花生酱在一起的。 以上我用了过敏的免费面包制成的糙米。

这两个工具, 会用:

1。 割刀! 这是用来舀勺和蔓延的果冻和花生酱的面包

2。 纸巾! 这是用于将您的面包, 并捕获任何碎屑或食堂时作出的决策的三明治。

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Step 1:

1. Gather two pieces of bread from the bread bag and place them separately onto the napkin

2. pick up your knife on the non-sharp side

1。 Gather 两块面包的面包袋并将它们分别放到餐巾纸
2 .拿起你的刀不锋利-侧

Step 2:

1. open your jar of peanut butter

2. place your knife inside the peanut butter jar and begin scooping peanut butter

3. This picture shows what your knife should look like once finishing your first two steps.

1 。 打开您的 jar, 花生酱
2。 将您的刀在花生酱 jar 和开始捋着花生酱

3。 此图片显示了您的刀应该看起来像一次完成你的前两个步骤。

Step 3:

1. Take knife with peanut butter on it and place it onto one slice of bread

2. begin to spread the peanut butter around the whole piece of bread covering the whole surface.

1 。 将割刀与花生酱上, 将其放入一片面包
2。 开始蔓延的花生酱在整个的面包覆盖整个表面。

Step 4:

you have completed one slice of bread and you will have a small amount of peanut butter left on your knife.

You 已完成一层的面包, 你就会有少量的花生酱, 你的刀。

Step 5:

1. place your knife into the jelly jar

2. scoop out a small amount of jelly and place it onto the second slice of bread

3. begin to spread the jelly over the whole surface of the bread covering all parts.

1 。 将刀片放入果冻杯
2 .饭勺出少量的蜂王浆和将其放在第二个的面包片

3。 开始蔓延的蜂王浆的整个表面的面包涵盖所有的零件。

Step 6:

1. Set your knife down onto the napkin

2. pick up the peanut butter slice of bread and begin to place it onto of the jelly slice of bread

3. you want to place the peanut butter slice and the jelly slice so that the two are touching each other

1。 设置您的刀上的餐巾纸
2 .拿起花生酱的面包片, 并开始将它放在果冻的面包片

3。 您想要将花生酱片和蜂王浆片, 使两个互相接触

Step 7:

One the two are pushed together, you have just made yourself a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich!


One 两推在一起, 你刚才自己一顿美味的花生酱和果冻三明治!

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