About: I am an Computer Science engineering student . Love drawing ,doodling ,photography and creating new stuff .

So this is holiday season , i thought of making some thing fun that ,children can make and play on their own and not only that I involves all easily available ( at home ) items.So Lets START!! :)


Step 1: Supplies

1. Pencil

2. Scale

3. Cardboard sheet (Thick Paper sheet will do)

4. Empty Old Pen.

5.Small cardboard box ( Tooth paste box will be good)

6.Pair of Scissors

7. Cutter/Blade ( Use cautiously)

8. Rubber Bands

9. Tape

Step 2: To Create the Launcher

Take the card board box ( toothpaste or any other ). In the toothpaste you can see 4 flaps used to contain items in it . cut the broader ones ( both ) as shown in photo .Now cut slits on both the sides as shown in 2nd photo .

Note * Avoid Making large slits and too long slits as it sffects the rigidity of launcher ( Box)

Step 3: Final Steps for Launcher

Follow the instructions in the photos . In case of any help feel free to comment .

Note * 1.the rubber band must be taken keep in mind the size and dimensions of the box .

Step 4: Now to Design the Plane

You will need an empty pen use the backside ( longer one ) . Now on a thick sheet of paper (or card board ) Cut the wings of the plane as shown in the photo. Now cut small strip so that it would go inside the pen ( as shown in second photo )

*NOTE :The dimensions of the wings must be according to the pen used .

Step 5: Final Step for Plane

The wings should be attached to pen as shown in the first photo . The bigger wings which were stuck in pen , must be sticked properly , here i have used brown tape so that it is clearly visible. similary do this for all the wings.

Your PEN-PAPER PLANE is also ready !!!

Step 6: Ready TO PLAY !!

Finally with launcher and Plane it would look like this. More over to get large range you just need to stretch the band more .



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