homemade discrete water bottle!

It is not very convenient to bring the big water bottle at work, school or around so this homemade discrete water bottle is all you need! The important thing is that you buy this type of bottle that has a stronger plastic, you can then fill it with hot water, once the water gets cold you can fill it in with hot water again. You can bring it at work or school as it’s small and discrete.

for the second hack we all know that it’s better to use comfortable black underwear but sometimes there can be accidents, so a great hack is to….. go double! Yes you can wear two panties so that you can be sure that you won’t stain your jeans if an accident occurs!

the third hack is so life changing! and it is to use instead of pads or tampons a moon cup or diva cup!

the fourth hack is a DIY emergency pad, you’ve probably been in the situation where you don’t have any tampons or pads and it’s an emergency and you’ve used a lot of toilet paper that can end up moving around and doing a mess! one simple trick is to prepare the toilet paper and then roll over the panties so that it won’t move around!

the fifth hack it’s a sort of different hack, it may seem unrelated but it really really helps trust me! especially if you have mood swings during your period or for the PMS syndrome. and the hack is simply…. meditation! I would suggest to do some guided meditation everyday not only during your period. It really helps clearing the mind, I always do guided meditation because I find it easier, You can find a lot of apps to do guided meditation my favorite one is headspace, or you can also find guided meditations here on youtube. It will really help in relaxing and calming the mind

the sixth hack is simply to use bikini bottoms instead of underwear during your period… why? because it’s so much easier to wash and it won’t stain them, they’ve more elastic so more comfortable as well!

the seventh hack is weird but it works!! It has been studied that lavender can reduce period cramps! The lavender oil is a popular aromatherapy treatment. Effective in treating migraine pain, soothing anxiety, and even reducing blood pressure and it’s great for period cramps! You can spray it on the pillow and go to sleep, or simply relax and rest.

the eighth one is to invest on e heated blanket! being cold certainly doesn’t help with period cramps, with a heated blanket you will immediately feel better, I normally turn it on 15 minutes before going to sleep and then i turn it off when i go to sleep

the ninth one was pretty much self explanatory!

and finally the tenth hack is to just…. relax! we are going to have our period for a long time! When you have your period take it as an opportunity to relax and concentrate on yourself, read something, or write down how you feel or your thoughts, watch some funny videos, don’t concentrate on the negative, take it as a pause to concentrate on yourself


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