PET Bottle to Sparkling Machine Adapter (SodaStream-compatible)


Introduction: PET Bottle to Sparkling Machine Adapter (SodaStream-compatible)

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Make used PET water and drink bottles compatible with your sparkling water machine using this handy adapter.

It is compatible with commonly used bottles with a 28mm thread that you can buy in most stores.

The thread firmly grips the bottle, and the chamfered top part of the adapter connects properly to the machines rubber sealing, making it air-tight.





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    I'd like to make it, what material did you use? 50, 100 or 200 microns?

    Great- i have waited for that. But what is with a sodastream2siggbottle-converter?

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    Thanks Peter for your reply and appreciation. :) We will for sure take this as a forthcoming new 3D model for #3dprinting