PET String Cutter (string From Plastic Bottle)




Introduction: PET String Cutter (string From Plastic Bottle)

I like this machine beacause you can make your own strip from plastic bottles. This stripe is very strong and eco. You can bind almost evrything with this stripe. Then you bind it heat it and it will go tighten.

What will you need
In photo are showed all materals and of course you will need plastic bottle

Step 1:

Step 2: Finished

Step 3:

Step 4: How to Use



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    2 years ago

    I've seen this design on Youtube but it's worth putting here. Its advantages are:

    • Simplicity

    • Readily available materials

    • Solid base

    • Easy adjustability--just loosen wing-nuts and move blade to new position


    I've seen this kind of PET bottle stripper in many configurations, but this one was soooo simple, I just up and made it in 5 minutes. it's even adjustable, by adding or subtracting washers. very simple, very clever, very efficient - thanks!!!

    Great to hear:)

    Kancelary knife? Not in dictionary or google. What is this or how to get it for this project?

    1 reply

    A Kancelary knife is a snap off utility knife. You snap of three segments together


    Awesome, made this today.. works great.. we did an old bottle, too brittle to pull, but got the idea.. and the original cut will have to be smoother.. then the chop job we did, but that was just to see how it works. Now, I have to wait till I have a bottle.. we are pretty good with not buying plastic, so it might be a while. Still, it works! :D THX, you made my Autistic friend very happy.. he is obsessed with string :D

    Blade from Paper knife


    3 years ago

    Kancelary knife?


    3 years ago

    I've just tried your method with no success. Probably different bottle? But I wouldn't say that matters. I can not control uniform cut. It slips away or it becomes to thick.

    1 reply

    Did you have pull the string or turn the bottle? If you try turning the bottle you will not get much control, the bottle wander everywhere. Otherwise if you pull the outcoming string you will get constant width string. Try it!

    A short how to use it would seem to be in order.

    1 reply

    using is realy easy you have to cut into bottle as you can see in finished and put it on the knife and pull