USB PEZ (or How to Fido Your Candy Dispenser).




Good morning peeps.

As my second Instructable I thought it might be cool to do a little tweak to make our usb key a bit more funny looking. Such as embedding it in a PEZ. Well you can imagine how simple this Instructable will be. But I guess it will be nice for kids and an enjoyable moment for the other.
It will take about 45 minutes to do it. Ok let's go. What do we need ?

We need :

1. a PEZ
2. An old or at least a not too expensive USB key.
3. A little screwdriver.
4. A little metal file or a cutter blade.
5. Some glue gun or some resin (what you'll have at hand)
6. Some expert hands such as Dad or the big guy eating all your PEZ and called brother.

Some PEZ heads are hard to carve and will not fit any USB stuff within. So check it before to buy, if you need to buy it. Cost of this : Almost nothing if you have a spare USB key but you can buy them now for 7$ or so. Of course if you have to buy a new one just save the old key for this Instructable.

Step 1: Dismantle the PEZ and the USB Key.

You will figure out easily how to dismantle your PEZ.

But anyway let's prepare how it might be done. The goal is to be sure that nothing will be spoiled during the process. Making interventions on general public products is always a bit risky...

So gather a tiny screwdriver and let's start by the easier part. Dismantling the USB key.
I also think that you can use a hair dryer to make the plastic casing far more easy to split, you see.
Don't get to hot right. You should be able to handle it without any problem.

Step 2: All Splitted.

Be careful even if those things are robust the are eventually delicate to dismantle.
As for the USB key. Start by the lower corner. Try to slip the screwdriver for few millimeters in it.
Or use a hairdryer to heat the plastic a little beat where you want to "enter". You can also heat the screwdriver with a lighter, but beware. Not too hot ! Another thing that should do the trick is to use a vice and gently apply enough pressure to split the plastic casing in half.

Try to level up the screwdriver a bit to force the plastic of the USB key to split.
Now that you have open the casing a bit, try to work your way around, but don't forget that the sensitive material is inside. So if possible work it by hand with your finger. Happy those who still have fingernails ;-) They will have more chance to succeed in one shot. Help each other, anyway.

The PEZ is far more easy to dismantle but still be careful. especially if you have just one. Remove the head by twisting it gently several time. Eventually it will come off. You can split the rest if you like to have a look at the mechanism, but we won't use it.

Step 3: Loading the Head

At this point it is important that you understand that you will need to let the key out enough to plug it into the computer USB plug. If you don't it might be a problem. The plug must be out enough from the head. If needed use a tiny metal file to adjust the PEZ head. Go smoothly it is plastic... Now it is time to feed the head with the electronics from the USB key. Try to fit it gently, don't get it stuck at the first time. We have glue to stuck it.

Let's recap :
The electronic of the USB key fit gently in the head.
The USB plug from the PEZ's head can fit in the computer without problems.

Ok. Now we can pour some glue in it. Gun glue is very hot. So take some pause between two shot of glue. Don't get the head too hot ;-)) The important thing is at least to cover the electronic and make the assembly strong enough for plugging and unplugging jobs.

Step 4: We Are Done.

Here is the result. Bart goes USB :-)

I kept the cap from the key in case I'll need to move with it. If you are careful enough you won't need it anyway. Hope you enjoyed this Instructable. It is a quick, does not need much tools and gives a neat result. What did you to Marge's head ? Duh !



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    15 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    If I wasn't afraid of ruining my USB drive or having it get damaged after the mod, I'd totally give this a try. Good 'ible!

    5 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I'd say I fear them both equally as they both seem very possible to me.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi guys. 2011/12 here. We have 16GB flash drives for 10 dollars. Ah, isn't technology wonderful?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    USB drives are extremely cheap. get a 128mb one, big enough for docs at least and totally expendable


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah :-)) I can take it. :-)) Don't get sick so easily. Be strong. I change the title to USB PEZ to make it more "gadgetogogomatic". But speaking of which I'm sure I can fit a Bluetooth key in a PEZ or a wireless one. But for that I would need a a martian PEZ head.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Good ! Bart is the easiest for fitting some in its head. I'm sure his dad is even more empty and would fit any big key :-))


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Keep in mind that this Instructable is meant to be crafted by and for kids. I would keep them away from the computer a bit (and it is related to computer. So they would like it a lot). It also require a bit of an adult or an "old teenager" hand to handle the tools safely. It is in no way meant to be technical, but more to have a smooth approach of high technology. Some PEZ heads are hard to carve and will not fit any USB stuff. So check it before to buy, if you need to buy it.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Hehehe. While i was posting it I thought that someone might have already done it :-))