PEZbot Instructables Robot Candy Dispenser

Introduction: PEZbot Instructables Robot Candy Dispenser

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Here's how to morph a cute Easter Bunny PEZ candy dispenser into a cool Easter Bunny PEZbot Instructables Robot candy dispenser.

Fits in your shirt pocket? Check!
Fairly cheap to do? Check!
Quick enough to slide it into the contest before it ends? Check!

The author, and I think the Robot, do not in any way take this project to promote or imply any secular or non-secular or commercial or non-commercial views on Easter and will disregard any thereforeunto said comments, posts and so forth concerning the topic, blah, blah, blah...

Good News: Candy Nutrition Facts state that Serving Size 1 Roll (9g) contains only 35 calories and has Total Fat 0g , Trans Fat 0g, Sodium 0g, Protein 0g and Sugars 9g.


What's not to like? Yum!

Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together!

Just in time for the contest, retail stores are dumping all the Easter candy goods. I found this PEZ dispenser on the shelf for 50% off. Wait a few more days and it will drop just like the stocks on Wall Street. Deeming it had no real collectible value, it was the perfect candidate for a mod.

I wasn't about to endure the wath of PETA in "hacking" the ears off the bunny so this is technically putting a disguise on the wabbit so that nobody will wecognize him/her. Pwetty cwever, heeheehe...

So, go get yourself a cheap PEZ dispenser now, next time will be the Halloween sale, some air-hardening clay( I found Sculpt-it!(tm) Colors NO Bake! Assortment $10), and a small piece of wire with black insulation for the antennae and trim. No need to mess around baking this stuff as it dries and hardens overnight.

I could have made a lost-wax casting of the dispenser head part to replicate the pivot/pusher internal design but I took the lazy way out and decided to just mod over the existing dispenser head. The clay comes in small containers in primary colors. You will need to mix different colors to get the right robot palette to use. (Hint: yellow + a bit of red makes orange :-)

Mix up some orange clay and fill in around the eyes and the rest of the head to make the block shape. This Robot will have a set of bunny ears protruding from the orange clay.

Take a bit of the red clay and shape the Robot's eyes and earmuffs? Ring around the eyes, left eye bigger than the other. Stick the ears on each side. Cut small pieces of wire for the antennae, monobrow and the mouthline. Bend an L shape at the end of the wire so it sticks in the clay better. The Robot head is almost done so stick the antennae in the ears. Play around with the placement of the brow and mouth to get the expression you want. I think a thinner guage wire would have looked better. You can also not use wire and just ink in your Robot. "Tatoo" the brows and lips.

Step 2: NASCARize Your PEZbot

Let your new PEZbot head dry and harden overnight. Do not be alarmed if the Robot experiences shrinkage. It happens to everyone...doesn't it? The resulting stress fractures will add character.

Download the official Instructables logos here. Scale to print to about 2 1/2 inches wide(smart people can convert to millimetres). Autoscale the height to keep the same proportion. Use sticker-making sheet stock to print on to make assembly easier or you can just tape or glue the printed paper graphic to wrap around the sides of the bottom part of the dispenser.

Add on KFC bucket helmet and guitar seen from Bobblebot if you want the GorillazPezMiko special edition PEZBot.

So, hack this with LEDs or just load your PEZbot Instructables Robot candy dispenser with PEZ candy and enjoy!

Handy! Dandy! Candy!

Remember to floss and use a giant toothbrush after eating sweets or else your parents will be paying for your future visits to the dentist.



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    Hahaha Awesome !! a good idea would be the robots head with a usb inside it !!

    That last picture is spectacular.
    I can't believe gorillazmiko hasn't left a comment... I hope he's OK!

    15 replies

    I'm here.
    I was... sick. VERY. Sick. For a while.
    But I'm back...

    And yes, I love the last picture as well. :-)

    I finally hooked up my scanner so I added the scan of The Bot Side cartoon I owe you. I attached it to this ible because I don't think you can download an image from a comment. Maybe someone can do a laser-etch on a steel plate for you so you can hang it up. Enjoy!

    You can, but might I suggest a slideshow of your comics? It might be a good way to keep them all in one place ;-)

    That sounds like an awesome idea for caitlinsdad. :-)
    Maybe you and me should start some too, eh?

    Heh. Only if you want, master. ;-)

    Yes sir.

    (Do you really want to try making comics? It could be called The M & Z Side. With the little C thing.)


    You can do that.

    But yeah, laser etching it would be awesome!
    Maybe if I ever get the chance to intern at Instructables...

    But anyways, that picture is awesome!
    Thanks for uploading.
    It somehow looks different all big.

    It seems to... lack color somehow.
    But I don't care-- that's going on my wall.

    (You should scan each image, so they can get in the newsletter like Eric mentioned.)

    My favorite part: "Add on KFC bucket helmet and guitar seen from Bobblebot if you want the GorillazPezMiko special edition PEZBot. "

    Bobblebot was supposed to be a link, but I'm getting tired...

    I did almost the exact same thing to make the head for my canceled Instructable Figure Instructable.