PH Test of Popular Beverage Like Pepsi


Introduction: PH Test of Popular Beverage Like Pepsi

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Ingeridents: Popular beverage like Pepsi, Litmus paper, Cup or any jar.

How to: First of all, I take some Pepsi on my pot. Then unpack litmus paper. Afterall,sink litmus paper on the cup, it shows color changed on litmus paper. Then take this litmus paper in the PH scale, finding which color is matched.

Result: PH test result shows that, PH of Pepsi is 2.0.



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    It would have been a better Instructable with an explanation of what the ph values mean, both generally and in terms of dental health. There is a good table of common drinks ph's shown here:

    It's interesting to see how most drinks we have are actually acidic. There is also a good quote from the end of that page about the ph scale:

    "Because the pH scale is logarithmic, a one unit change in pH is
    associated with a 10 fold change in the acidity. For example, lemon
    juice has a pH of
    2.0, while grapefruit juice has a pH of 3.0. Lemon juice would therefore
    10x as acidic as grapefruit juice. Even more enlightening, Coke Classic
    roughly 100 times as acidic as Barq's root beer."

    There is also a discussion of how the different acidsin drinks affect the teeth differently here:

    What does the 2.0 result mean or explain about Pepsi?

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    H3O+ concentration:


    OH- concentration:

    C(OH-)=10-pOH=10-12 mol/dm3=0,000000000001
    mol/dm3 (mol/dm3=mol/l) l = liter

    Orthophosphoric acid or phosphoric(V) acid is used as an
    acidifying agent to give colas their tangy flavor.

    When measure colored
    solutions such as cola, mix with same amount of distilled water.

    The pH is not
    changed, however.

    The color change
    can be observed more.

    This solution is highly acidic.


    PH7 is neutral and no problem, the body is healthier if, using the saliva test, it is between 7 and 7.4, ie alkaline. PH2 is dangerously acid.