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Introduction: PIC16F84A Thermometer

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This is simple thermometer with just few components.
The brain is PIC16F84A and sensor is DS18B20
Range of sensor is -55 to 125°C is possible if ONLY the sensor is in that area not the whole device!
The schematic and other stuf to make this thermometer you can find on my blog:

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    please. killahill13@gmail.com

    Hi, I'm trying to build this, but because the lack of some information regarding translation I'm not able to mount this circuit. I think my problem is from the ds18B20 to the 0.1uf capacitor and the battery... When I put 5v through the circuit, my 4x 7led display goes on, but nothing happens.... They are all on 0000... Can somebody help me please?

    I also made a handheld version of it with cr2032 cell,skipping the resistors of display to give them just enough charge.


    had a hard time figuring out russian schematic
    those arrows are representing that those are connected to ic.
    will upload a schematic soon
    and also show pics of my version

    he is probably multiplexing the two led displays
    the thing is that this is not an instructable mate its just a video of how your project works ... so please provide with the steps ?/

    The thermometer in original schematis is with 4 segments,but I built it with 2 segments,other 2 show when thermometer is measuring below zero and other show half degree,example 26.0 or 26.5