Introduction: PICKPOX

About: First time is fun and motivated when saw people around the world creating some great instructables until unconsciously i get infected enjoy to build something that i never learn before.

I loved small things, but i hate when everything is difficult to find. specially for my hobby to collected small electronics component. Usually after build some project all small parts goes around my table and other box when i need again become disaster. But now after have pickpox everything is under control :).

Step 1: Material

All material is super cheap and easy we can find anywhere

1. Toothpick

2. Plastic bag with clip (at beginning use for medicine )

3. Wooden clip

4. Sheet of wood, thickness 3mm (i use balsa wood, for ease to cut)

5. Glue

Step 2: Make the Box

We need to measure inside the box, we need to discover

1. lenght of toothpick is 67mm , the widht of the box need smaller

2. plastic bag with clip is Lenght 80mm x widht50mm, we give little bit tolerance for the box

So conclusion is

1. Box size : Lenght200mm x Widht 52mm x Height 83mm

cut straight by common cutter :

1. 200mm x 83 mm = 2 pcs

2. 52mm x 83 mm = 2 pcs

3. Bottom part 19mm x 200mm = 2pcs

I make cavity / hole on bottom part, first i need dry air circulation inside the box because my country have high of humidity, second if there any small parts fall into the box i don't need to take out all the bags just raise the box we can find underneath.

Assembly and glue all part gently

Step 3: Pick Bag

So put toothpick inside the clip spring take the fat one so we get not loosen hanger. take the label if you want more description and more professional storage management.

Step 4: Thats All

Finally my component is neatly managed in little storage box hang with the bag on toothpick called PICKPOX, thank you for read and do not hesitate to share what your pickpox use for

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    Simple, basic, functional and easy to make and use.

    I REALLY like this kind of thing :)

    Thanks for this. :)

    If you staggered the pegs side to side you would get some extras in

    4 replies

    aaa yes yes thanks for your idea, noted

    It took me a minute to see your suggestion, but you're so right!

    Add a photo of that. If you hesitated in seeing it, so will others. Show them.


    10 months ago

    To save a little space you could use your toothpick to poke a hole in the sides of the bag just under the zipper and hang it from that. Should hold good as long as you remember to seal the zip good before hanging.

    You could use the pop-up flags as labels for the bags.

    You could use skewers to be able to hang wider bags up to a point.

    1 reply

    wow is brilliant idea, thank you tbt10f, is pleasure if you can share other pickpox will be interesting :)


    10 months ago

    Adding divots or detents is a good idea. Also, why not offset or stagger clothespins to the left and then right and left again, like filie tabs?.Reading labels would be a cinch amd mmake snatching the wroing one, or two at a time, less likely.

    1 reply

    nice idea obillio thanks, i will keep noted for further pickpox

    Thank you CraftAndu :)

    Nice Idea.

    I think you could glue the sticks in the recess at the tip of the clip. That would let them sit higher in the box, you could then label the top of the bag, and it would be readable at the top of the box. ??

    1 reply

    Nice idea too Michael_oz, will give other perspective of view, thank you

    However I wouldn't make divots for the toothpicks, because the current way, you can have as many as you want, and you can allow for size differences of the things you put in the bag.

    I am definitely going to make this! What a neat idea to store my flower seeds! Will stagger the clips so I can easily see the labels. I will glue the pick in the spring so I won't move. Thank you for this wonderful instructable.