Piezoelectric generator

Pressure ------> Electrical

10 ~ 120V AC electrical output

Made Shoes generator

Capacitor charging, melody, digital clock

Experiment is possible....




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    hi that's amazing in each pressing how much power will be generated?

    soooo are you going to show us how its done? this is not an advertising forum. this is a place to share skills and knowledge. If that is not your intent please remove your 'ible.

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    More in depth paper describing parameters, modeling, and design.


    Could you not be more rude! As to how it works and replicating I will help fill in the blanks for you. It's been done before. If you really sought answers you could have googled, You would have found that MiT many years ago did a Darpa project around the shoe piezoelectric generator. Led's do not require much current, and depending on the material you use for the piezo material and the frequency of vibration you can get them to do some interesting things. For instance the pressure input could cause a string/spring to vibrate which is coupled to the piezoelectric stack. One could also connect an acoustic laser (Saser) as the input, like a reed instrument or like a flute, and have that drive the resonance. If you really wish to understand, instead of shooting off ones mouth, then request nicely, and I will write up some material for you. I will not give you complete plug and play, but rather give you enough information, that if you wish to learn you will, and will be able to replicate in many different ways. People who just say no way, without thinking through, just piss me off. It shows an intellectual laziness, however it still beats the people who already think they know everything, and never ask.


    yes, I would also try to figure out, how one little thing like that piezo speaker creates so much energy to power all those LEDs.

    I just build one setup up with a 1mu Capacitor and a Rectifier but am barely able to power the LED. Takes me 10 presses to charge the capacitor to get a small flash out of it. Far from what I see here.

    There is no way that piezo is powering that many LEDs. If this is so expand upon what you have done in detail

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    buy it on Ebay people

    here's the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/Piezo-Generator-KIT-/190969042206

    buy it on Ebay people

    here's the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/Piezo-Generator-KIT-/190969042206

    I agree with both gatush and rimrar2000. In fact, I might even call shenanigans on this one, based on questionable slight-of-hand shown in the other video. I find it odd that it powers that many LEDs when a finger was almost brushed against it, but maybe a tiny piezo can generate more electricity than I thought. More explanation (and not just a "this is the end result of what I did") would be much appreciated.

    I agree with rimar2000. It would be great to have some explanation.