Introduction: PIG OF INSPIRATION!!!!!

Do you like pigs? Do you ever feel like you need inspiration or encouragement?

a. yes and yes

b.yes and no

c. no and yes

d. no and no

If the answer is either a, b, c, or d, then this is the right project for you!

Step 1: Materials

  • pig template (get it here, and if you want to color it yourself, the black and white template is here)
  • scissors
  • glue (hot glue and a normal glue stick)
  • tape
  • few sheets of paper
  • small cylindrical object (make sure it has a hole in it that you can stick a pencil through, I'm using an old marker cap that I cut the end off of, but it should be smaller than the side of the pig)
  • pencil (not for drawing, but for cutting up, actually, you might as well write with it before you cut it up!)
  • inspiration (don't worry, after this project you'll always have some on hand)
  • ruler

Step 2: Inspiration

Cut your sheets of paper into strips to wrap around the small cylindrical object (use the ruler). Tape them together to get a super long strip, then tape one end to the cylindrical object. Write inspiration on the strip. It can be quotes, ideas, fortunes, random words, etc. Draw dashed lines in between each piece of inspiration (to tear or cut along). Wrap around cylindrical object and place a small piece of tape to hold it in place while you work on the pig. Measure the side of your pig (about 1.10 inches for me). Cut or saw a pencil to that length (no sharpened tip, but the eraser end can stay if need be). It is very important that you get this pencil to be the exact length. Put your roll of inspiration on the pencil, we'll return to it after the pig.

Step 3: The Pig

This part is fairly easy, just assemble the sides of the pig and the bottom, and cut the rectangle out of the pig's side. On the bottom, you'll notice an interesting shape. Just crease along the middle of it and glue that together (that was a terrible explanation, but maybe the pictures help?) This is here so that the glue tabs can fit without messing up the feet. DO NOT CLOSE THE TOP YET!!!

Step 4: Inserting the Inspiration

Hot glue the pencil into the pig with the roll of inspiration on it. One end should be glued to the inside of the face and the other to the inside of the butt. Before assembling the top take the tape off your roll of inspiration and make sure some of the roll is sticking out of the slit in the side of the pig. Now close the top of the pig, and if you want you can make a tail out of left over paper. Whenever you're in need of inspiration, just pull out your amazing PIG OF INSPIRATION!!!!!

Variation: scale this baby up, make the top close with velcro and put the slot on top, and you've got a tissue holder. Give the pig wings.



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