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If you know someone who loves POKEMON as much as my little brother, these cupcakes are the ones to make!

- Cake mix/ cupcakes premade
- Frosting of your choice( white)
- Graham cracker
- Gel food coloring (yellow and black)
- Candy (i used Starburst and gum drops and chocolate chips)

- Cutting board
- Scissors
- Knife
- Bowl and spoon for mixing
- Toothpicks
- Rolling Pin

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Step 1: Yellow Icing

Make cupcakes however you like.  my oven is still broken so i chose to buy pre-made ones.=]

Now that you have your cupcake, tint your icing with yellow food coloring gel. Gel keeps the consistency of the frosting stable and just overall a lot better that liquid food coloring.

When you get the right shade apply it onto the cupcake.

Step 2: Pikachu Ears

To make Pikachu's ears, first you will need a graham cracker square. One square for each cupcake. 
The squares should already be divided into two rectangles. 
Break or cut along dotted lines. 
Study a picture of pikachu's ears and cut according to pictures shown.
make the top of the ears more sharp while the bottom doesn't have to be since it will be going into the cupcake.

After you are done with that, ice them with yellow frosting to top half and insert into cupcake.
after insertion, frost ears again to cover up any gaps or holes.


To make Pikachu's rosy cheeks get two cherry starburst and microwav for 10 - 15 seconds. keep your eye on it so that it doesn't burn or bubble up. you want it warm and soft not HOT.

if you have wax paper than place a piece on top of the starburst and roll it flat with a rolling pin.

When it's flat get a bottle cap and cut out  a circle.  peel out the circle and shape it a bit then place onto one of the cheeks.

repeat for other rosy cheek.

Step 4: EYES and NOSE

To make eyes, simply two chocolate chips and pointy side down press into cupcake.

for nose, cut off the top of one chocolate chip so its flat and then cut into a triangle.

place onto cupcake

Step 5: Finishing Touches

If you have remaining yellow icing, tint it black with the food coloring gel.

use that for the black tips of pikachu's ears and his mouth.

dot the eyes with white frosting

and you are done!!


How to make a girlfriend for your pikachu.=]

instead of starburst for cheeks use red gum drops so they are glittery and cute

- smash the gum drop or roll it flat (you may need to sprinkle extra sugar so it will not be as sticky)
- then cut it out with the bottle cap again.

for eyelashes, use toothpick to draw it.

- for bow microwave starburst and flatten it out
- use a toothpick to outline the shape of a bow and then when you are satisfied, cut it out with a small knife.
- flatten out another red gumdrop and cut out a circle in the same size as the knot in the bow.
place it on starburst bow
- for extra detail i used a toothpick to add indentations into the bow
Then place onto cupcake and YOU ARE DONE!

nom nom nom

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