Hi dear visitors of my page and viewers of my YouTube Channel ! You have probably had some family get-togethers when you wanted to show off your "culinary expertise" by making a very interesting recipe and present it in a way that will touch everybody's eye, right?

Well, let me show you how to get ready for your next "friends reunion" or "family get=together" event by adding one more easy and tasty snack on your table :))


First you will need to find a ripe pineapple or a canned one (the canned chunks are OK as well but will not be as tasty as the snack made with the fresh pineapple).

The other ingredients include: 1 (one) cooked chicken breast, 3-4 medium-sized cooked potato (I chose the red skinned potato), 1 (one) can of cooked corn, some (about 150-200 grams) of either Mozzarella or any other type of cheese that is similar in texture and taste. You will also need some mayonnaise (about 2-3 tablespoonful). As the mayo is already salty, I don't use extra salt in this salad /snack recipe. Adding ANY TYPE OF HERB is NOT RECOMMENDED, as the pineapple doesn't like being mixed with herbs but if you want, you may add some dill cut into very-very small pieces. Well you may add some salt and a little bit of ground black pepper.

FOR DECORATING / SERVING your SNACK, you will need some cherry tomatoes and round corn chips (or tortillas, as they call in Spanish).

Later, you will need to cut the Chicken breast, the potatoes and the cheese into small enough pieces and mix them with the canned corn (Please don't forget to separate the water when you empty the corn from the can). After they get mixed, just add 2-3 spoonful of mayonnaise (or more if you like mayo, but don't overdose: you need to leave a "space" to taste the pineapple sweetness :)))


I used some ground red pepper, called paprika, but YOU MAY SKIP it, as it didn't taste as great as the first time when I didn't add it :))

I had even added some ALMONDS and a couple of times, even cut PECANS into this snack.


Well, if you have got to this step, all you need is to add your salad on top of small corn chips / tortillas with a small teaspoon and on top place a small cherry tomato to make your snack more presentable and festive :))

(Please watch the video for more specific details!)


P.S. Please share my video if you like this recipe with your friends and family members!

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    I watched it, I only watched a little bit, but that was enough. You have made many things, and I wish I could have thought of them first. What about putting all your things on instructables?

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