PIR Based Security System

Introduction: PIR Based Security System

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This module is based on PIR senser and very accurate, it consist of buzzer module and backup power for more security.

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Step 1: Buzzer (Speaker)

This is a very simple electronic buzzer used to create a very loud noise. + marking is +ve side , No marking is -ve sign.

Step 2: NPN Transister

This is an NPN transister Any NPN can be used with this , main purpose of this component is to switch high power load(microcontroller can't switch high power load).

Step 3: PCB or Male Header Pin

Step 4: PIR Senser (motion Senser)

This is the brain of entire module and cost 100-150 rupees, this can detect change in motion of any object. i persnally check it for performance , it works great.

Step 5: ON/OFF Switch

As it is optional in this project

Step 6: Schematic

Connect all the components as in circuit diagram


PIR senser detects change in motion of any objects or intruder, and generate high pulse at output as mentioned this high pulse can't drive buzzer or can damage PIR , so an NPN transister used with this to drive Buzzer and LED, when the pulse of PIR is high then NPN transister is in ON state and drive buzzer, for more info please visit my youtube channel.

7805 voltage regulator is used to maintain 5v DC for PIR as it can damage above 5v,

Step 7: Fully Assembled PIR With Backup Power

as you can see in picture that it is portable module so we are free to place it anywhere ,

leave comment if you have any problem related to project, or visit my channel.Click here

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