PIXAR Costume

Introducing the cute and quirky lamp from Pixar.

I created this costume for my grand daughter, but it could be made for an adult ,also.

The base of the costume is a one piece coverall. i made mine from fabric, but one could be purchased from a store that sells dancewear or costumes.I did not want hands or gloves to be seen,so I sewed most of the ends of the sleeves together. There is a small opening between the ends of the sleeves,however, for a hand to go out of in case the wearer should want to use a hand.

The frame/cage for the costume is made from mat board that I covered with fabric. There are fabric covered dowels that go between the 2 matching side frames. The pieces were all glued together using a strong silicone glue. Then furniture slides were added to look like nuts. The frame slides over the head and rests on the shoulders.

THe base is a dollar store platter that has a hole cut in the bottom. I flipped the platter bottom side up and covered with fabric. There is a fabric collar glued ro the opening of the platter.

For the head piece I bought a thrift store lamp shade and plastic globe . I made a fabric cap and covered the lamp shade with matching fabric.

I sewed the cap to the small end of the lamp shade and then glued the plastic globe to the inside of the lamp shade.There is an area around the chin that the wearer can see out of ,but the visibility is limited.

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    5 years ago

    This is by far the awesomest costume ever! When I looked at it, I had to smile=)


    5 years ago

    That's hysterical! But in a way that's totally awesome!