PIY( Personalize It Yourself ) Bamboo or Wooden Ring.

Hello! This is my first Instructable. I will show you how to make a ring out of bamboo or wood and personalize yourself. Enjoy! (The design I used was from the TV show The Miraculous Ladybug, since I liked the design.)

Step 1: Making the Basic Structure.

Take a piece of wood or bamboo. For the bamboo, you can drill and sand out the insides to make it fit you. For the wood, you can use a tree branch or a block of wood. I reccomend the branch over the block because you do not need to work as hard to drill and sand the wood.

Step 2: Personalizing It

You can cut out parts, add parts, or paint the ring. Be as creative as possible!

Step 3: Finished

You can wear this wherever you want, and enjoy!



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    If you have any sugesstions, feel free to say them.


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