PLAE - Portable Led Angel Eyes [ +1000lm ]




Introduction: PLAE - Portable Led Angel Eyes [ +1000lm ]

Hello everyone!
This is the final result seen indoors and outside:

I apologize for the quality of the video, but it is difficult to make a good quality video at night, even with a good digital camera. In fact it is not evident which is the actual distance the light can reach, but I ensure you that it illuminates much more live!

The project is divided into 4 main steps, I apologize for the lack of photos for each step but the idea of making a guide came to me after having sealed all ...
Let's start!

Materials needed:

- 10 watt LED white 800lm 12V (4 $ from ebay)
- White LED Strip Waterproof 12v [ 24 Led 200lm ] (2 $ from ebay)
- Lithium battery 60watt [ 4800mAh x 12v] (13 $ from ebay)
- Aluminium heatsink (0 $ 150g removed from an old PC)
- Small fan 12v (0 $ removed from an old PC)
- Thermal Paste (for processors $ 0.80)
- HeadLight Car (0 $ removed from an old car)
- Various lenses (0 $ removed from old cameras and film cameras)
- Silicon (2 $) [ I recommend using a clear silicone to create a better visual effect. Not the white silicone I used ... :) ]
- Paper of aluminum foil (0.80 $)
- Strips of felt (1 $)
- Transparent gloss paper (0.10 $)

Total cost about 20 $ ,
but obviously, much less if you already have some of the materials at home...

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Step 1: Mounting the LED

1° - Drill 2 holes into the aluminum heat sink in order to insert 2 screws to secure the LED to it.

2° - Before tightening the screws on the LEDs, apply a small amount of thermal paste under the surface of the LED.

3° - Connect the two wires to the poles of the LED with a soldering iron.

4° - Secure the LED to the heat sink of aluminium by passing the 2 wires through the drill hole.

Step 2: Assembling the Cone Mirror

1° - Take the cone mirror from a small flashlight in which I have included three different size lenses fixing them with silicone.

2° - Place the cone on LED. Fix it in place with silicone.

3° - Plug in the headlight, the strip of 24 LEDs Waterproof fixing it with silicone to the sides.

4° - Place the headlight, centring it on aluminium heatsink on the LED.

5° - With a spacer, once again take a small flashlight, add a fourth lens (made from a small handheld magnifying glass) to LED once again centring.

6° -Before coating the spacer with the aluminium foil, improve the refraction of light inside the headlight.

As well as having an aesthetic function, the strip of LEDs is also very useful to illuminate everything in the immediate vicinity of the headlight.

In a situation of perfect darkness the central LED 10w through the lens focus, manages to illuminate beyond 300m, its light is like that od a car’s headlight!

Step 3: Sealing All

1° - Fasten the headlight to the aluminium heat sink using the screws that secure the LED to the heat sink (use screws with a large head).

2° - Seal it all with silicone, attach a rectangular piece of transparent tracing paper over the open headlight, to protect the internal parts from dust and water.

Step 4: By Connecting All

1° - Connect the various cables with the correct polarity to the 12v battery, no need to create circuits with resistors because the flexible strip of 24 LEDs can be powered directly by  a 12v .

2° - Secure it all, with adhesive strips of felt, to a bike (for a motorcycle effect!), on a pole or on a wall directly, depending on how you want to use it, i prefer on a bike helmet to make it multi-purpose ...

With 10w LEDs, the strip of 24 LEDs, fan and other 3 small red LEDs added by me, the battery lasts 1h40min.

You can extend its life by buying another battery, connecting it in series, it’s very easy because the wiring has already been done, you should only have to plug in male with female connectors.

                                                          "...and the night is lit up..."

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