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Hi Friends

I am making a raspberry pi laptop using LCD display.


You need mainly two products

1) 5 inch LCD display with HDMI

2) raspberry pi model 3b+

Step 2: Connection

First, all of all place 5-inch display on the backside at the top.

Then connect pin of raspberry to display.

Then check it with charging adapter it works or not.

Step 3: Frame

Take parts of the frame as shown in the picture.

Then stick all parts as per shown in the pic.

Step 4: Other Parts

Take one 18650 battery and charging module as per picture.

Place this inside frame of the laptop.

Then take one on-off switch to give power to the raspberry pi.


Then take a black paper frame for giving an attractive look.

Then take HDMI Connection port and connect to the laptop.

Step 6: OS Selection

Select any one operating system. In my case, I select raspberrian os.

Step 7: Enjoy !

Enjoy this pocket laptop with a boot.

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    Never thought making it would be so easy and fun.
    But can I use an old all in one PC's LCD screen?
    Mine is cq 1030in hp all in one desktop.

    1 reply

    pujnch the model number of the lcd panel itself into ebay or aliexpress. odds are, you should find a compatible driver that'd give it HDMI/VGA/Composite video. I do this for salvaged laptop screens when i need a spare monitor.


    23 hours ago

    That's a neat build!

    It would be great if you listed parts sources.