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Want to change purses as fast as Clark Kent changes into Superman? Want everything in your bag to be convenient and in sight? Want to keep your phone and stuff from being scratched?

These clever little pocket clutches will do it all!

  • Puts everything within easy reach
  • Has nine pockets in different sizes hold a variety of necessities
  • Lets items slip in and out easily
  • Separates sharp items from easily scratched ones
  • Holds its shape, gives form to unstructured bags
  • Keeps stuff from shifting and getting lost

Okay, you have probably seen these for sale, retailing for $15 - $20. http://www.containerstore.com/browse/Product.jhtml?CATID=254&PRODID=10019933

This is a similar concept, but a slightly different design that I find easier to manage than those very long strips.

These organizers are approximately 8" long x 5" high when finished, so that they fit in even modestly small purses.

Best of all, they are absurdly easy to make.

| Like the idea, but lack the materials, time or motivation?
| You can buy this organizer (and others like it) at my etsy
| store, ArtsiBitsi. http://artsibitsi.etsy.com

Step 1: Hardly Any Materials Needed

All you need is some relatively lightweight fabric cut to a 20"x16" rectangle. You know, this would be a perfect project for one of those fat quarters type remnants they sell these days!

You should also have an iron.

A sewing machine is very handly, but not necessary if you are a hand sewer.

Step 2: Fold and Press, Fold and Press

Most of the work will be ironing creases in the material at regular intervals.

Start by pressing under two 1/4" hems on either end.

Then fold the fabric in half (to make a 16"x10" rectangle) and press again.

Open it up and flip it over.

Turn up a 5" flap on either side and press again.

By now, your folded piece should be approximately 16" by 11", with a couple of pre-pockets forming.

Step 3: On to the Sewing!

Start sewing across (perpendicular to the wide edge) to make pockets.

These three seams are required:
  • one down the center
  • one along each side (two total)

Make the other seams at differently spaced intervals according to the size of your stuff.

A one inch wide pocket is good for pens.
A six inch wide pocket is good for small combs and checkbooks.

Step 4: More Folding and Pressing

Teach the pockets some manners by folding the and pressing them into a decent purse sized object.

Fold in half longwise.

Press flat.

Fold in half again (as shown).

Press flat.

You should have an object that is about 8" wide and about 5" high.

Step 5: How to Pocket A-Go-Go

A little organization will help everything fit.

Put the big stuff for the outside pockets in first. That'll help hold the organizer up for the small stuff.

Put the small items in last. From now on, you'll only be pulling one or two items out at a time, so the rest will keep snugly inside their pockets.

Try to point everything up, so that it's easy to see and grab.

With time, you'll get to know the relative position of everything and you'll be able to find what you need without even looking.

The whole shebang is easy to snatch out of one purse and drop in another -- even using only one hand!


| Like the idea, but lack the materials, time or motivation?
| You can buy this organizer at my etsy
| store, ArtsiBitsi. http://artsibitsi.etsy.com



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    13 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I used denim to make one in college. Maybe suede cloth now?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Dude, AWESOME!

    I've seen the need for this many times.


    8 years ago on Step 5

    After you fold it in half. You could have sewn the bottom closed and the side up. This would create another pocket in the middle?

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 5

    Yes, in fact that's what I did. And I'm still using the same one two years later!


    8 years ago on Step 5

    Perfect!, this was what I was looking for :D thanks


    8 years ago on Step 5

    wow! very brilliance organize pocket..I really likes and thank you for sharing your idea:)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I think this is a great idea. Might just have to whip something like this for my work bag to keep my camera, novel, pens, puzzle book, sunglasses, cell phone, craft item, etc findable. I drive a school bus and take stuff with me for those unexpected things like breakdowns in the middle of nowhere, or waiting around for my passengers.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    To babair: I like the "undergarments" comparison. Great instructable! Easy, inexpensive, good photos, and appeals to at least half the population. The other half of the population has pockets in their clothes. To threecheersfornick, think not having to dig to the bottom of a bag to find a pen. This organizer keeps the pen sticking up and accessible. Once you find the pen, you will know that your wallet is here, your cell is there - all by feel. An extra plus in the dark recesses of a purse. If you don't carry a purse, you won't "get it."