Introduction: POK-A-DOT LIGHT DOOR

I love to light my house in different ways.  I discovered that pointing a dollar store LED light through a magnifying glass or a lens array you can get some interesting and fun effects.  Here I am using lenses salvaged from one of those  old giant rear projection televisions being tossed out everywhere.  The kind that took 3 people to lift and you had to watch at a certain level in a darkened room.  They contain 3 fabulous lenses for RGB  and a huge Fresnel lens (which can melt concrete if you hold it in the sun but be very careful and see GREEN POWER SCIENCE .COM first).
So take the lenses if you can find one of these TV's.
You will need:

lens (dollar store magnifying will do)
some kind of LED flashlight from the Dollar store
an old cell phone power supply (3 to 4 volts if you can find is ideal)
metal strapping or wire
glue gun and lots of glue
Screw driver and screws
Improvisational skills

You will be hanging this thing somewhere so you have to figure out how to do that with your available junk.  Up to you.
Cut the plug off the end of the power supply and strip the wires.  One will be positive and the other negative.  Open your LED  lamp array and plug your power brick into the wall and touch the wires to the two terminals where the batteries connect.  LED's must have positive and negative connected to the correct terminal to work.  If you do this quickly you will not ruin the circuit if you get it wrong the first time.  If it works then you can solder the wires to the correct terminals.  I have done this with a glue gun but it is tricky and does not always work.
Now hold your lamp behind the lens and find the focal point which creates a nice crisp image on the wall perhaps 10 feet away.  Now you need to figure out how you are going to attach things to make the light stay this distance from the lens and mount the thing for your particular application.  You must improvise this.  Please see pictures.  Try to allow for some adjustment of the distance between the lens and the lamp for focusing.

That's it! Cheap lamp and cheap lighting.  Who could ask for anything more!   If you use higher voltage and fewer LEDs you will burn them out.  Comments welcome on the calculation and resisters and things.  Mine have been running about a year no problem
Around the door are bent cherry branches.  The plastic flamingos have Christmas light threaded through them and have been there for 20 years.  I have no idea why they have worked so long.  The shoe form is our door knocker.

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    Nice Effect! Quick and Simple, and best of all Cheap!
    Which reminds me I ought to dig out the "DJ/Stage" lights I was making and finish them.
    (Also love what you did with those keys!)