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Introduction: POKEBALL Night-Light

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Son needed a nightlight. Couldn't find a cool Pokemon one for him. So I made him this awesome POKEBALL.

Step 1:

IKEA FADO table lamp : $19.00

Home Depot Red Rustoleum Glossy Protective Enamel: $3.75

I had everything else in the garage, I don't remember how much it all was.

But you will need:

Masking Tape

Duct Tape


1.25" Circle


Step 2: TAPE!

Mask off the White side of the PokeBall

Step 3: BAG IT!

Use the bag to mask off the rest, add another layer of tape to secure it

Step 4: PAINT IT!

Spray the red half. 6-8 inches, sweeping motion. You know how to do this....

I did 2 coats. Once dry, I peeled the tape and removed the bag. I added the Black Duct Tape.

I left the center to make room for the circle.

Step 5: Circle IT!

I used the spray can as the template for the black outline of the dot.

Using two halves, the black circle wasn't perfect, but no fear, I used the can to trim the edges to perfection.

Then I punched out a circle from my pin machine hole punch. Its about 1.25". You can easily use a milk cap or a half dollar or freehand with the blade. cut out the circle. If there is red paint underneath, just scrape it with your fingernail. it should come off pretty easily.

Step 6: DONEZO!

Finished product! put the guts back into the lamp and turn it on!


Enjoy the nightlight.

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    This is awesome. My son's current obsession is Pokemon Go. I know that he would love something like this in his room. I might have to make him one for Christmas.