Introduction: POLYGLOT

Ever wanted to learn a new language on your own, but never succeeded? This robot is the solution! Besides teaching you new words and grammar, it enters dialogues and avoids postponement. You can customize the robot in function of the language you want too learn.

In this instructable, I'll show you how to make the skin of a French teaching robot.

Step 1: Components

- 1 grid (lasercut)

- 1 foot (lasercut)

- 2 support legs (lasercut)

- 2 head holders (lasercut)

- 2 hat holders (lasercut)

- 4 clicks (lasercut)

- 2 Opsoro eye modules

- 2 Opsoro servo modules

- 1 mouth (lasercut)

- 1 mouth sleeve

- 2 vines

- 2 extensions

- 1 hat (thermoformed)

- 1 head (thermoformed)

- 1 chest (thermoformed)

- static electricity stickers

All the lasercutted elements are made of ABS 3mm. You can find the lasercutfiles below. The thermoformed pieces are made of PS 2mm and coloured witch spray paint.

Step 2: Head Holders

Take the two head holders and connect them with two clicks. Make sure the pins are at the same side. Thereafter, you click this piece in the grid. The longest holders needs to click in the 13th row of holes, the smaller holder in the 10th row.

Step 3: Eye -and Servomodules

The next step is to click the Opsoro modules on the grid. The positions are told on the pictures. Make sure all the cables are facing downwards

Step 4: Head

Now you can place the head over the modules. On both sides of the head are small holes. Click the head on the grid by putting the pins of the head holders through the holes of the head.

Step 5: Mouth

A language teacher needs to speak, so the robot needs a mouth. First, you pull the sleeve over the lasercutted mouth. Then, you put the vines through the holes. The extensions go over the vines. Thereafter, put the vines in the little holes of the head. Make sure they connect with the servomodules. With a screwdriver, you can tighten the connection.

Step 6: Hat

The head is ready, now it's time for the beret. The hat holders are the same concept as the head holders. Place them just above the head. You can click the beret on the grid the same way as the head.

Step 7: Foot

Take the two supporting legs and click them in the provided slots. Now, you can slide the grid in the supporting legs so the head is facing forward. Thereafter, place the chest at the bottom of the head.

Step 8: Characteristics

The last step is to give the robot some charisma by putting some characteristics on the face. Remove the foil of the stickers and place them on the robot.

Your POLYGLOT is ready!

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    3 years ago

    Neat! That would be a really fun way to practice :)