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Introduction: POV Using Arduino Nano

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Hi All,

I was impressed with two articles on Instructables.com Magic-POV-Wand-yet-another-POV-toy and Persistence-of-Vision-Wand. They have explained in great detail, to build a LED POV and mostly display a name or a message.

I did not find just text very interesting ,So I drew some Alien UFO and Faces in Green.....

To Reduce form factor I used Arduino Nano instead of Uno

Step 1: ​What You Need ?


  1. Arduino Nano ( Bought on Ebay for 600)
  2. 19 Green Leds ( You may choose your favorite color)
  3. 19 100 Ohm Register 1/4 W
  4. Universal PCB
  5. 9V battery with connector
  6. Switch
  7. 7 to 9 mtrs of soft wire
  8. Wooden stick


  1. Soldering Iron, FLux, wire
  2. Black Tape

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

The original Circuit was for 20LEDs, But on my PCB I had space only for 19 - 5MM LEDs

Same I adjusted in the code

Step 3: Build It

Select a universal PCB and cut into long strip, I could not put 20 LED so selected 19 leds as shown

Solder The leds and 100 Ohms registers as shown, or refer the Circuit diagram

On another fix the female connector for Arduino Nano

Solder the wires as below images. Remember these are not easy and take quiet a long time. So take regular break

Step 4: Final Packing

I Covered the whole thing using Black tape

Step 5: The Code

I am attaching code

Fire : Click Me
UFO + Alien : Click Me

Star + Smile : Click Me

Text Message : Click Me

Please share your comments

IF you are missing PGMspace.h file : please reinstall Arduino IDE



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    please try with older Arduino, or set all as constant....


    1 year ago

    all codes are wrong i am not able to verify anfd upload any 1 of them in arduino nano

    1 reply

    what is the error you are getting

    Can you plz upload avr/pgmspace.h library which you have used in your code files.


    1 reply


    Can u upload code for pov clock


    I go to try to make iT

    But 1 thing,is iT possible to upload your pictures again but way bigger, the ar to smal to see correctly

    1 reply


    Try this URL, if not tell me which image, I will share original file