Simple Crossbow With Real Trigger (Tutorial)




Introduction: Simple Crossbow With Real Trigger (Tutorial)

Very detailed, step by step video showing you how to make a fun, and powerful crossbow. It's CHEAP, and EASY to make, and shoots tinfoil balls 45ft and up! It can be modified easily to shoot bolts or pencils, but I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injuries caused by improper use. HAVE FUN!!!!!



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    I'm living in Mexico, and slingshots are rather ubiquitous down here. They are sold literally everywhere, and just about everyone has one or more. Mexican's have little money to spend ( average monthly income is less than $ 400) so everything that's used is with that in mind. Small farms, big farms and ranches need pest control, and ammo ( even .22 shorts) costs money, so slingshots are the way to go.
    There's a ranch/horse supply store not far from my house in Zacatecas where I live, and they stock 4 different kinds selling from about 15 to 35 pesos (divide by about 13 for a dollar price). Usually, the real working models ( for the companeros or ranch hands) are just some bent 1/4 inch steel rod covered in slingshot tubing for grip. Rubber and pouches are also available everywhere. There's even one store where you can buy a slingshot for the kiddies for 3.5 pesos !!!!!

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    Cool! Maybe u can make one and show it off. Lol. actually I will be posting a slingshot ible later today.

    Since I'm following YOU, I hope I get notice when you put it up, and I am working on something strange myself.

    Jorge rocks. He should write a book on all the slingshots that he has engineered.

    Thnx.made it a vid cause I wanted good instructions. I put it in Gorilla glue contest

    This is so awesome! Rad video. What other kinds of stuff do you make? Looking forward to more Instructables!

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    Thankss!!!! I make many other things that shoot, cannons, lego guns, etc. i also make phone holders, or anything i need. Plz vote!