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Cool! A PP2000!!!
Well, there are a number of cool things in this gun. For the biggest thing, I think it is the first sidearm to have a mag in the handle and a trigger that blocks behind the handle. If it isn't the first, it certainly is one of the best.
Two more things: the really awesome sight, and the looks. This thing looks like the real thing!!!
Well, I bet you are dying to hear the pros and cons!!! Let's see em'!!

Awesome looks
10 round mag
powerful (50-60 feet)
mag in the handle
trigger that blocks behind the handle

Kinda bulky
mag isn't removable
Modified pieces

That's it! Let's get building!

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Step 1: The Sight (optional)

This is the really cool sight I made! Build it if you want! (this step is optional)

1: what you will make.
2: get all the parts you need for it.
3: attach the two panels with that thing.
4: Put the bendy rod on.
5: put the ball joint on the blue rod there.
6: put the tan clip on the blue rod and slide it in there.
7: add the rest!

Next step!

Step 2: Handle/Magazine

This is the mag/handle. It holds the bullets, and provides comfort!

1: What you will make
2: get the parts. (((note the broken blue rod, it optional)in case you didn't know, it holds only five connectors)It's for comfort)
3: make this. and put another plate on the side that doesn't have one.
4: add those things on each side.

Onto the next step!

Step 3: Back Section

This is the back part of the gun. The firing pin block is here. (This kinda looks like a stock, eh?)
This is probably the hardest step.

1: What you will make
2: make this stuff.
3: get/make this stuff.
4: get this plate first. (make the other thing in the picture too.)
5: put 8 blue rods on it where shown.
6: put the stuff on the plate with the blue rods.
7: put the other handle on!!!
8: attach the other plate.
9: Attach that thing you made before. (yes, the carpet magically changed!)
10: put it up, so it clicks into that white rod.
11: put those on each side too. (they click into the white rod too)

Step 4: BREAK!

You were almost done! But too bad, it's time for a break! Listen to some tunes and keep going!

Step 5: Front Section

This is the front part... The last big thing you have to make for the gun!

1: What you will make.
2: Get this stuff!
3: Put them together like this.
4: Make all this stuff!
5: put those two things together. (notice the added blue rod.)
6: make both sides of the trigger.
7: Put that one side on, also, get those things in the picture.
8: put them on
9: put those on...
10: put the last layer on!
11: attach that thing.


Step 6: Building! (YAY!)

Let's build it!!! (this step requires a bit of taking apart)

1: Get all of the stuff you made!
2: Put the sight on, take that white rod off while you are at it.
3: Take those off those things.
4: put them on like that, with the white rod in between the parts.
5: take those two green rods off
6: attach to the hinges
7: attach there. (add green rods)
8: build those
9: attach those floppy things there, do the same to both sides.
10: Put those things on each side. (sorry it's blurry.)

Step 7: Extras

These are the extras... You are almost done!

1: make/get this stuff. (read image note)
2: put trigger band on.
3: Insert mag push and put on the elastic like that.
4: pull trigger and put the pin in.
5: Put pin bands on.
6: get ammo (up to 10)
7: put them in that way.
8: pull pin back until trigger clicks.
9: pull trigger.


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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    *because* You don't have enough pieces for this? You should get some more. You might have enough pieces to build Mepain and Zaks MeZak oodammo gun though. You would like that.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yurp as you said. I have an old keyboard so some buttons don't always work. I can't really buy anymore pieces because I'm saving up for 3 new games.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    The MeZak is EHPIK! Its a must build. It is a perfect oodammo gun. Perfect. What three games are you buying?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    What the heck does the first sentence mean? The three games I'm saving for are Blur, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Black Ops.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    should do blur and bad company 2 and bad company 2 vietnam CALL OF DUTY SUCKS~!!!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thats because its not on ibles silly :P. Heres the link; http://knexinnovation.net/showthread.php?695-MeZak-Oodammo-Gun-Collaboration-between-Mepain-and-Zak There yo' go! I trust you know how to copy and paste? Lol m'just kiddin' :P.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. I really don't look at much websites but youtube, instrctables, stuff I forgot, and more stuff.