PP/PE Cellphone Case

Introduction: PP/PE Cellphone Case

This is a fun and super simple project to do - a cellphone case out of PP/PE!! You don't even have to stop with a cellphone case. These steps can be applied to anything your mind can imagine... 

Recycled PP bag (ex: shopping bag)
Desired PP/PE wrapper (chips wrappers, candy wrappers, etc)
Needle & Thread

Step 1: Making the Shape

Cut the PP bag into your desired shape & size so that your cellphone fits into the pouch the way you prefer. Ideally, cut from the base of the bag, so you do not have to stitch too many sides. Depending on how you cut it, you can end up with one long rectangle that folds down the middle, or two separate rectangle pieces.

Sew the two sides together (and the bottom too if needed). Remember not to sew the top – keep it open!

Step 2: Choose Your Designs

Turn your pouch inside out, to hide your stitches. Then cut out your desired design/images from the PP/PE wrapper..
Be creative! Cut out images from different wrappers, or cut out different shapes of different colours! Go crazy!

Step 3: Start Sewing

Sew the design onto your pouch. The neater you can stitch your designs, the better it will look. But you can also use the stitches as additional design - like use thick thread and a colour that will stand out to create a sort of 'boarder' around your image. 
Another option is to use glue specially used for cloth like "Sew No More"...

Step 4: Finalize Your Design

Add as many images & elements as you want until you are happy with your design!

Step 5: You're Done!

Insert your phone, and it is now ready for use! Create as many as you want - one for every day! You can also apply these steps to make all kinds of cases like soft pencil cases, ipod/ipad cases, laptop jacket, etc. 

Simple, easy steps! 

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