Istallation of a prefabricated shed, especially in regions where it snows and ground shifts with frost line goes as deep at 36". This requires some preparation and planning. After a lot of consultation and research I have figured out an ideal solution. This technique enables one to install the deck after creating a level platform. The total duration of the project is about 2 days (weekend). One day of shopping all material, bringing to the site, prepating the site and installing the frame which acts as a base for the shed. This video is self explanatory and most of the items used are bought in the home remodelling stores. Following these steps will enable installing the shed without any issues that I have heard from online forums relating to imbalance and door misalignment related to poorly levelled base.

The workflow for the build:

  1. Clear area and set up marks for the shed platform. I bought a 10x8 shed and installed it on a 10x10 platform.
  2. Dig out 18" squares evenly spaced (one on midline and two equidistantly on either side about 4-5" deep in the lawn and fill with 3/4 " draining gravel and compact them with a tamper and place patio stones ( 16"X16"). I 6 patio stones.
  3. Place deck blocks and insert 10 food 2x6 pressure treated lumber into the groove of the block. Use a 4 foot level and make sure all the 2x6 lumber are level from front to back and across the remaining beams. Add or remove gravel as need to adjust the level. This will translate and ensure the frame that goes on top is level as well.
  4. Away from the installation site, build a square frame with 2x6" pressure treated wood (measuring 10'x10' in my example). I made sure it is square by making sure the diagonal lengths are equal.
  5. Mark 16" centres in the farm and insert 2x6 beams and screw them from the sides with deck screws.
  6. Mount this frame on the joists on the final installation site in such a way that the joists intersect at 90 degree to the studs in the frame. I toe screwed all the studs at the intersections with a hand held drill.
  7. Lay out 4x8" OSB board from one corner. Use a chalk like to mark the location of the studs which will receive the screws that will be put from the top of the board. Cut out excess board as needed with a circular saw.

Voila ! you have a level platform to serve as a long lasting foundation for the pre fabricated shed.

Tips on assembling the shed:

  1. Follow the instruction booklet
  2. Familiarise yourself with all the components on the shed( they come in packages and have abbreviated names)
  3. Assemble all similar looking parts and group them together.
  4. Follow the steps in the manual religiously for a problem free finish.
  5. Highly recommend a torque drill as there are hundred of screws.

Have fun !!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great tips for a good shed foundation. Thanks for sharing this!