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Using a Gelli plate and fabric paint you can make pot holders to match any ones kitchen.

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Step 1: Supplies

Fabric ink, paint 
Gelli  gel printing Plate 6X6"
pot holder blanks, (I get mine from Oriental trading Co.)
assorted mark making tools

Step 2: Rolling the Ink

choose your first color  of fabric ink/dye and roll in on the gelli plate

Step 3: Mark Making

make marks into the surface

Step 4: 1st Printing

Step 5: First Printing

carefully place the potholder over the plate and create a relief print.

Step 6:

Step 7: 2nd Color

roll 2nd color on gelli plate

Step 8: 2nd Color

Create the marks into the second color 

Step 9: 2nd Print

pull the second print

Step 10: Print 2

Print a second potholder so you have a pair.

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