PS1 to PS2 Audio Cable




Introduction: PS1 to PS2 Audio Cable

I got this headphone wires and the PS1 connector.

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Step 1: Materials

Hot iron
tin solder
ps1 connector
headphone wires
something to cut
eletric tape(not in image)

Step 2: Prepare the Wires

Trim the wires to near that notch, but leave enough to connect the PS1 adapter

Step 3: The Tips

Remove the plastic cover with the knife or whatever you are using. Leave the 4 inner wires exposed.
Twist the 2 of the same color(in my case they were cooper colored) because those are the ground wires.

Step 4: Connector

This connector needs this black part to be put before soldering. The upper-right one is some kind of plastic cover.

Step 5: Solder

I recomend to solder the rios of the wires before inserting them because they are thin and light so they don't stay in place without the solder.
Pay attention to the wires order. The tip is for the right side audio, the inner ring is for the left side audio and the "base" is the ground. You can test which wire goes were with a multimeter or batteries and LEDs.
Put them in the right place and solder.
Do it in a well ventillated place to avoid health injuries.

Step 6: Protecting

I put on some electrical tape for safety, but it is kind of optional.
This connector needs this black part which I put over the connections.
(I got the photos wrong XD)

Step 7: Fitting It All

Now we need to close this. The metalic part has a small hole which lets it connect only one way to the "pin part".
The black back part then can be screwed to the metalic part.
Depending on how you soldered and taped everything, some pressure may need to be applied.

Step 8: Finished

There you have it. A PS1 PS2 cable. You can connect you guitar to you computer or something like that.


That was just for precaution.

Unfortunately, I couldn't test it yet. But it seems to be working according to my multimeter.

Thanks for reading it all. This is my first instructable. Sorry for English mistakes. Leave good critics in the comments.

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    Nice connector mod. This makes it a lot more useful.


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